Elizabeth Ingraham

Technical Director


Elizabeth was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia and studied architecture at Universidad Javeriana. After finishing school, she moved to California to stay with family. In California, she was impressed with all of the architecture and landscaping that was reality instead of just a concept as it was for her at the university. While in California, she met her husband who was from Tulsa, and after a few years of married life she and her husband decided to move to Tulsa to be closer to his family.  Elizabeth started her architectural career in Tulsa, where her dreams were realized when she became a homeowner, made lifelong friends, established business relationships and became a citizen of the United States.

As an immigrant from Colombia and having studied architecture in a Colombian university, Elizabeth has achieved her main career goal of practicing architecture in the United States.  She considers herself to be very fortunate to have had the opportunity to challenge herself with a variety of projects that include religious, education, banking, retail and healthcare facilities.  She appreciates the challenge of each new project that forces her to learn and grow and become better at what she does. She likes the challenge of setting daily goals that keep her focused and working with a team of people to produce a successful project.  A rewarding aspect of her duties is making site visits while a project is under construction. Elizabeth enjoys watching a project become reality and when the project is finished having the satisfaction of knowing she had a part in making it happen.

Elizabeth enjoys her time away from architecture cooking, sewing, traveling and long phone calls to her family in Colombia.  Elizabeth did not have a pet growing up, but she adopted “Piggy”, a female schnauzer, whose name was not “Piggy” until Piggy started eating her food and the food of Elizabeth’s husband’s dog.  Piggy is no longer with Elizabeth, but all the good memories of her are. Now Elizabeth is especially fond of her little schnauzer, Kaiser, who can’t wait for his “mom” to take him for walks and rides in the car and curl up with him on the couch and watch Hallmark movies.